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Birth Rhythms Future Fund

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014

Hey everyone!

There’s this awesome place in Saskatoon called Birth Rhythms that needs some help. The founder and my good buddy Lisa has run into some financial difficulty in the last little bit -family trouble and a bad car accident. This has left her in a bit of a pickle because she personally funds Birth Rhythms. This gal has taught me and other women so much about what it means to trust our bodies and believe in ourselves. She supports so many people and now its her turn to ask for help.

I started an indiegogo campaign to help with this because I believe that this place is invaluable, and here’s why: Birth Rhythms is a maternal health center but is not affiliated with the government so its autonomy gives it a freedom that other health centers don’t have. A lot of its programming is free, and it offers breastfeeding consultation, postpartum and pregnancy mood counselling, Birth trauma support and baby loss support groups, often one on one and like I said, FREE.

All of the of the paid services are set at a price that a single income family can afford, which makes everything at Birth Rhythms accessible and inclusive. They are already working on some new projects that include working with the Saskatoon tribal council to get doula services and breastfeeding consultation available on the 6 reserves around Saskatoon, working with a local clinic to provide support to HIV positive women in their childbearing years, as well as other awesome endeavors. I want to see these projects come to fruition so I’m trying to spread the word to get donations! If you can’t/don’t want to donate, please pass these messages along!

Your friends,

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