The Grid Pickers

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biopicThe Grid Pickers are a traditionally untraditional husband and wife folk duo from the deep backwoods of rural Saskatchewan. Formally charged with grand pickery, their songs of long hard travelled roads and living off the land and making a bold entrance into the Canadian folk scene. From hand broadcasted seeds of ragtime and country music grow lush crops of untamed bluegrass, Celtic and old-time. With haunting harmonies and foot-stomping tunes, The Grid Pickers are sure to keep your bread rising and the wood stove crackling.

After six long years of preparation, The Grid Pickers are set to release their new album “Shack Wacky” in March of 2014. The recording includes “Old Dirt Road”, a fast flowing instrumental banjo & fiddle song, and “Crop Holler” a high lonesome banjo tune about trusting the earth to provide the things needed for survival. Shack Wacky is not for the faint of heart and is sure to leave a lasting impression.
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